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Rishab Gupta

Chartered Accountant

Talented & experienced team of well-trained professionals

Our firm of Chartered Accountants represents the coalition of the specialized skills which is geared for offering useful financial suggestions and services. Led by the founder, Mr.Rishab Gupta, who is Chartered Accountant by profession and have an experience of more than 3 years.Our team comprising of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Cost Management Accountant, Lawyers, ex-bankers, financial advisors are devoted to adding value along with optimizing the advantages accruing to the clients. Mr. Rishab always makes it a point that his clients operate without any problem in the country. Under his spirited leadership and vision, the firm has achieved immense success after success along with setting milestones that are still unparalleled in a very short span of time.

  • • Our team of skilled professionals has pre-defined responsibilities and roles, as well as they, work with a structured approach having presence on PAN India basis.

  • • Not only does it help in offering services to the clients’ satisfaction, but also in offering the well-organized road-map for the experts.

  • • We have a pool of qualified and smart experts who work in their respective specialization fields for bringing practical solutions for the clients.

  • • Every team member is well-versed in his/her respective domain and works with utmost dedication for offering the best financial solutions in a manner where the aspect of client satisfaction is the topmost priority.

  • • We build as well as sustain long-term professional and personal bonds with the clients through proactively meeting their business requirements with professional service along with sheer interest in their success.

  • • Our aim is at maintaining the foundations which our repute has been established on i.e., values of Rishab Gupta & Company are behind the success, along with that of the clients.

With our everlasting passion, binding principles, and commitment, our expert team’s commitment is to make it a point that those values are what keep us going well into the long run. With the multi-disciplinary professional team and skilled expertise, our company is devoted to the mutual progression i.e., the clients’ success is our success. Our vision lies in being the most independent, reputed Chartered Accounting Firm offering top-notch services to the clients while offering the work environment where the members develop professionally along with being responsible community members.

  • • Foundation of the working model at Rishab Gupta & Company is the relations we form with the clients.

  • • The decades-long partnerships of our Company with the majority of clients bear testimony to the significance which we relate to the establishment of bond with them.

  • • Our powerful team of passionate professionals works 24x7 towards forming high-quality and seamless customized solutions for the clients.

  • • The personalized procedure maps beside on-site assistance make sure that our focus stays on the businesses of our clients all the time.

  • • Our procedures have an instant turnaround time ensuring reliable and fast services.

The competent team of professionals and partners work skilfully towards creating a positive difference to the lives of our clients. Their unwavering devotion to Rishab Gupta & Company’s exceptional values enables them for carrying out business transactions with absolute honesty and humility. Confidentiality, transparency, and security are cornerstones of our client relations.